Life Goals: Less "one day" and more "remember when"

2:04 AM

Last weekend I basically put all my efforts into doing something I've been wanting to do for years now and somehow never had the chance. I invited people, I programmed myself, I collected my information and I decided that I would go even if only one person accepted my invitation. And it worked. 

I had breakfast at "Parque Lage", a house built in the middle of Rio de Janeiro that has a beautiful garden, pool and an entire art school and you can also recognize it as the one used to film Snoop Dog's music video for "Beautiful". About 2 or 3 years ago my sister mentioned they serve breakfast and it is great. As I already new it was beautiful and I really love experiencing new things and places (specially when the weather is this beautiful), I have always wanted to go myself.

The place was swarming of tourists and cariocas all trying to get a seat in the shade, a couple of bread sticks and glasses of juice in their systems during the 40ºC weather. I was as excited as a bee and my parents and my friend were all starving. Unfortunately, we didn't know the place was so hyped up and there were so few tables, which meant we took over an hour to get a table. But we were patient and entertained by and adorable little girl and her dancing skills. I have pictures but thought it would be disrespectful to post them so if you want to picture her think of a baby Dora, the Explorer.

When we finally had the chance to sit down and eat our breakfast, though, it was blooming great. The place is beautiful and the breakfast comes quite complete with fruits, bread, cake, juice, coffee, yogurt, cereals and you can order additionals like omelets. It's a lovely place to go with your partner or your family and friends. Democratic and beautiful. But do go comfortably dressed as it is an open space and there are only fans to help you (and if you know Rio at all in the summer, you are well aware that fans are not enough).

Afterwords we could have enjoyed a walk around the gardens and its aquarium and beautiful architecture, but instead we decided to go to the beach in Rio for the first time ever. We had our bikinis and our sunscreen. We were quite close to Leblon and Copacabana. The sun was up strong. So hell, why not? 

Once we decided to go to Leblon, we were not let down at all. The water was calm, the beach was busy but not crowded and there was an empty set of chairs just waiting for us. The end result was 4 very content people, enjoying quite a lovely saturday.

After swimming in the ocean a couple of times and getting some sun on us, it was time to wrap it up and go home. And it was all okay because I had enjoyed it all. 

You see, although I like doing new things, I rarely do do them. Lately, I've been willing to do all the things I want to but don't because of reasons I make up in my own head. You know, those "oh I have no company", "oh it's late", "oh I have to do this and that". I'm trying to get rid of those and get more of these "I wanted to go to this place and do that thing, and I went and I did." I am one of those people that love staying at home. But I also am one of those people that get anxious over the fact that time is going by and nothing is being done/seen/learned. I want to have stories to tell and places to talk about. I want to have memories to reminisce on.

So this is it. My new Life Goal. Doing more of the things I say "one day" to.

Oh, yes, last weekend was quite a lovely weekend. How was yours?

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