Even with the tears

12:29 AM

She sat on her windowsill, starring blankly at the street, seeing nothing. Her heart pounding. Her hands sweating. Her head spinning.

Inside her was doubt. She could feel a cry build up. There was love still. But there was distance. There was the act of time and growing up. But mostly, there was love.

The door opened. He came in, stood on the doorway, door still opened, a blank face on. She stared at him, uttering no words and moving nothing but her watery eyes.

He closed the door. Walked towards her. Sat on the floor next to her. Held her hands in his, as tight and as lovingly as he ever did. His eyes traveled from their hands, up her arms, to her eyes. All four eyes teary.

No words were said. No movements were made. Only eyes shared the intimacy of the moment. She sailed through his tears, he swam through hers.

The sun went down. When they no longer could see each others eyes, his lips moved into a half-smile, his eyes sweet and tender, his hands still holding hers.

"Even with the tears, there's no where I'd rather be."

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