Favorite Halloween Youtube Videos

10:55 PM

I watch a LOT of Youtube videos and lately 90% of them have been Halloween-related. So I decided to compile some of my favorites from this year over here!

1 - The Donald Trump Hair Tutorial

Kayley Melissa has been my favorite Hair-Stylist/Youtuber for years now. Everything hair related I've learned, I've learned with her.  Every year, she does a series of hair tutorials for Halloween costumes and this year's videos did not disappoint. Especially this one. I mean, come on.. Everyone wants that Trump style!

2 - Costume Challenge with Grace Helbig, Hannah Hart and Mamrie Hart.

Quite similarly, Grace has been my favorite lady Youtuber since the dawn of time! I'm betting she's no stranger to #TeamInternet people either, since she has dominated the world in the past couple years. I love this stupid ass collab they make every year because it's as dumb as it is impressive and hilarious.

3 - How to be a Feminist for Halloween

Laci Green is better known for her Sex+ Youtube videos (which I love). But she's well on her 3rd season of an online TV show for MTV called Braless. The show is overall great, as Laci known how to explore important issues clearly and thoughtfully without sounding utterly boring. Not differing from the show's awesomeness is this Halloween episode, which explores topics we see every October 31st in the streets, costume stores and parties. A must watch!

4 - Michael Jackson - Thriller (High School Edition)

Statistics have told me that iiSuperwomanii, a.k.a. Lilly Singh, is one of the highest earning Youtubers today. Yet, I never really paid attention to her content until quite recently. Which is great because it was right on time for me to catch the masterpiece that was her latest sketch. It gave me all the chills.

Happy Halloween!


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7 thoughts

  1. Replies
    1. I laughed so hard at the Donald Trump one!

      Thanks for the comment and visit, dear!


  2. Cool, thanks for sharing. Definitely watching this although Halloween is already over (:
    Nati xx

    1. They're mostly funny any time of the year really! Thanks for the visit and comment!


  3. The Donald Trump one is such a cool idea. I also liked a tutorial by Kandee Johnson that's a half make half female comic book face, it's really unique!


    1. oh that sounds amazing! Gonna have to take a look at that! Kandee Johnson is amazing!

      Thanks for the visit!


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