8:27 PM

Wednesday. 6 p.m. The ferry was crowded. Tired, sleeping, grumpy faces. No empty seats. Three people read a newspaper. Most others stared at their phones. An old lady stood holding on to her bags next to a young girl seated comfortably while reading One Day, probably for the fifth time. She loves Dexter. Four rows down, a couple of friends chat on and on, while a girl next to them periodically rolls her eyes. In the corridor, five boys debate the probable result of the next soccer game. Noise. Sleep. Rain. Grey. Her eyes capture all. Her body feels the despairing feeling hanging over the crowd. Her ears, begging for a break. Until, for a second, her scattering eyes fall on him. Seated on the second seat of the eight row. Eyes on his book. Earplugs on. Her breathing was gone. The announcement came on. The ferry is approaching the dock, please stay seated while the ferry stops and beware of the gap when exiting. In a matter of minutes, most people stood up. She stayed. Frozen up where she stood. Hardly managing to believe her eyes. Thousand of thoughts at the same time. Not one of them a good enough something to say to him. People pushed and pulled, approaching the doors. All sight of him lost. Desperation. Was this a good thing? Maybe so. Maybe they were never meant to meet again. Maybe the unresolved-ending was their meant to be ending. There he was. Standing up. Grabbing his backpack. More people raising from their seats. Push. Pull. Disappeared. Again. Dragging her feet motivated by the empty feeling of loss she moved towards the door. His head way up front, amongst the crowd, already on land. Unknowing. Unreachable. Gone.

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    1. Aw thanks! I'm always a lil anxious about posting stories, so I'm so glad you enjoyed it!


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