Personal - yet public - reminder of things that make me happy

11:44 PM

1. Curling up with a really good book 

Come on, hon, I know you find it hard to admit, but you have fallen off this bandwagon and have been having the most difficult time coming back to it, haven't you? That's okay. It happens to the best of us. Just try to not forget that feeling of needing to read just one more page, just for one more minute..

2. Doing all of the nothings with your favorite people (although, truthfully, not all of the favorite people at once, I mean, you still are an introvert, don't burn yourself out here)

Granted the nothing will most likely be watching movies and include some sort of pizza or cheese related food item, it will probably be staged in your house and you will most definitely talk one too many times about Selena Gomez and make your friends judge you, but it still is one of the most delightfully simple ways you have found to enjoy time passing by.

3. Successfully doing people's hair

This is a recent and unexpected development, but it still makes complete sense, doesn't it? You do creative things with your hands without the need of much material and you make a friend extremely happy with how they look. Why on earth would any of these things not make you smile?

4. Having coffee dates (preferably with mom but also anyone else who equally enjoys caffeine but isn't so much of a snob that they will judge you if you chose Starbucks and order an excessively complicated drink)

It may be that my Brazilianness is finally showing, but I have become not only obsessed with coffee, but also with the experience of having "a cafézinho". It's a hot drink, with maybe something sweet but not necessarily, preferably in great company, whilst having a quick catch-up conversation. It can take 10 minutes or a couple hours. Completely lacking commitment or structure but always full of lightness and warmth. So very Brazilian.

5. Spending time outside and actually seeing the light of day for a change

Yes, it is annoying to have mosquitos buzzing around you and Rio is not exactly the nicest climate for staying outside so it may be the winter talking here, but there is nothing that changes my mood quite as effectively as putting me somewhere outdoors. It can be as simple as taking a walk around the block, seeing the sunshine hit the street, or as complicated as going somewhere completely new, hiking and being revolved by nature. There's a reason I dream of a very light filled house of my own after all.. I think life stole this feeling away from me when I moved into an apartment at the age of 10. Let it not ever escape my mind again.

6. Having ridiculous themed solo dance parties late at night preferably to the sound of 80's and 90's music but not exclusively because shuffle is a thing that exists

Do I really need to say more?

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2 thoughts

  1. Great list, it's soooo relatable!

    Have an amazing day!
    xx Kris

  2. I love all these things! Especially coffee dates and good books. I'm at a coffee shop right now, it's so cozy. :)
    Julia | Julia in Bluhm


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