The Secret Garden by Frances Hodgson Burnett | Top 5 Books Review

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I have no idea what you mean by "this is such a late post"... I have not been procrastinating, what are you saying? I totally finished this last night... ok, last week... ok, fine, never mind, it's been a couple of months already... I'm sorry okay. Life happens. You get carried away. The point is, it's here. It's happening. I'm reviewing my next top 5 books I have to read this year. WE ARE GOING TO MAKE IT.

The Secret Garden is a classic children's book I had never read before. Nor had I seen the movie. Or if I did watch it, well, I forgot all about it. I knew to expect a little girl who would find a secret garden and have an amazing time there. I did not have a single clue about anything else regarding the story. However, cruising around the book store a couple of years ago I found this absolutely lovely edition of the book published by Penguin - one of my favorites - and I could not in a million years resist. The Little Princess, also from Burnett, had been one of my favorite children's book when I was younger, magical but emotional and touching. I have had Little Lord Fauntleroy staring at me from my book case for ages now and I never touched it. But something about The Secret Garden made me want it more. Maybe it had to do with the beautiful edition. Or maybe I knew that a point in my life would come in which I would need a book filled with magic and joy.

There is no better way to describe it. From the moment you start reading this story, you can feel how light it is. How filled with innocence and virtue. How obvious and yet how grand the moral lessons are.

It is one of those books in which you learn to love the main character, which you initially hate. It's a book about finding happiness and the importance of nurturing the things you love. How much do we forget that on our day-to-day lives? Coming and going from our boring jobs, we forget to nurture our love and enchantment for music, for reading, for creating, for sharing. In it's very romantic, at times religious (catholic, I would say), and innocent way, The Secret Garden reminds us how much joy and love can cure us all. We just have to look for the magic that's been hidden.

After reading the sweeter than sweet The Secret Garden, I dug into the completely opposite Thirteen Reasons Why. I've finished it in August. Took me a week, or less. It's going to be an intense review is all I can say. 

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