Packing - a skill I possess.

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Whenever life goes sucky and I feel blue, I run away. There are four reasons why I do this and they're pretty darn simple: 
1 - I need to get out of the place that reminds me of what's upsetting me;
2 - I need to surround myself with people who are always positive towards me and who I love most;
3 - I love traveling and being on a plane;
4 - I love organizing and packing so much that it is an actual thing I do to calm myself down.

The first 3 are perfectly fine and common, right? But it's number four that usually make people go "what?" all over me. Don't fret, though. I'm not completely insane. I think. I've been practicing my packing skills from a very young age. We moved around a lot, which meant boxes and suitcases were a thing of common use. And I quickly learned how to be able to pack well, at a time when packing cubes were not a thing. Soon enough I realized there was something soothing about evaluating the things I had, choosing which of them went with me, matching them together with shoes and accessories and neatly organizing them in a bag. Satisfying, even. I'm weird, whatever.
I traveled to São Paulo about a bit more than a month ago now, when I packed the items on the above picture. I was thoroughly impressed by my skills. It was a 3 day/2 nights short trip to a friends house for the farewell of a friend who was about to go do an exchange program in exciting Holland and the presentation of another friend's band at a bar close by. While that trip was much more exciting and dramatic than any of us ever suspected, my packing was A+. 
My one and most important tip: think about the trip you will have (or want to have) and chose the clothes that match that idea. In my case, it was a (supposed to be) chilled and casual trip. And for that you can definitely see I followed my own rule as everything but accessories were black and white and ultra comfy, a game I have going on in my wardrobe this year, for some reason. Well, except for my pajamas. Aren't they cute?
This adds to the excitement of a trip, if I might add. Once you start wondering and planning what you will be wearing, the fantasy of your future trip, no matter how small or simple, becomes ever more especial. And once you are there, the happiness is real!

I just can't wait to escape again this weekend.

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