Someone else already is someone else.

2:52 AM

When I was a little girl, I remember trying hard to be good at things. I used to sit down as soon as I got home from school and did all my homework, I tried my best at all the art projects, denying any help because I wanted to try and make it myself the best I could, I played sports even if I sucked at it and I danced ballet around the house, proud to show the latest spin I learned. I tried my best at doing everything I wanted to be good at, because I wanted to be the best I could possibly be.
Then, I grew up a little and started getting inspired by different people and characters around me. At first, I was Hermione, which meant I ended up acting as if I knew everything (instead of actually knowing it all, as she did). I later started acting as if I were too cool for anything since, for reasons I don't even remember, I was one of those poor souls that believed in the people that acted blasé about everything and wished to be one of them. There was also the wonderful time in my life when I wanted to be Blair Waldorf. I had the tiaras and all.
Eventually, though, I let go of all of those things and decided that I just wanted to be myself, and the best version of that that I can be. I found a group of people who accepted me, embraced me and let me be me. That was the most magical moment of my life, to this day. 
Yet, I still see so many people worried about what others think, worried about being something they're not, worried about getting approval by being someone else. I see people around them suffering the consequences of these worries. I am one of these people. And it hurts me and everyone around anyone who still hasn't allowed themselves to be.
You see, 99,99% of the time the person you ARE is better and has more potential for greatness than anything anyone else is or thinks is great. By being someone else, you're hurting yourself. And to those that know who you really are, it's hurtful and a shame. Because you are better. You will always be better. Don't be someone you're not just to look cool to other people. You'll soon realize how pathetic that really is. People that need you to look "cool" are never worth it. 
If you have to change yourself and your actions and if you clearly act differently, depending on who you're with, than something is not right, my friend. And you are probably hurting someone by deceiving them. And you are hurting yourself by boycotting your own potential for greatness and by being untrue. And you should probably sit down and think about if you really want to waste your life being someone else. 
Someone else already is someone else.
Embrace you.

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2 thoughts

  1. Wow what an amazing entry!! Such great points. I like what you said about our potential for greatness and how we are better than we may realize. Reminds me of a post I wrote on my blog recently on how to stop worrying what people think.
    I'm going to keep up with your blog as I like what you post. Here's mine: .
    Roli x

    1. Really appreciate your comment, dear! Thank you so much!

      I'm taking a look at your blog right now! Lovely!



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