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I have been dying to write this post for the past few weeks. Yes, I am aware it's not innovative or a big deal, but there have been many items I've been wanting to share and discuss, so I figured this would be the best format. Plus, I have never actually done any post like this before. So let's get to it!

1. Viviannadoesmakeup Cookies

Despite being a beauty blogger, Anna is responsible for a couple of my favorite recipe videos. One of them being this amazing cookie recipe, which I have baked twice in the span of a couple of weeks. I definitely recommend trying this one, it's a gooey on the inside, chocolate filled deliciousness.

Oh, as Anna says we can use whatever chocolate we prefer, I have been baking mine as a three chocolate cookie, mixing dark chocolate, milk chocolate and white chocolate, making it extra delicious and perfect for all tastes.

2. Rewatching Gilmore Girls

Although Gilmore Girls came to Netflix in other countries quite a while ago, only in July was it made available in Brazilian Netflix. And as soon as it did, I was all over it. 

Gilmore Girls has always been on my list of favorite TV shows, but even so, I had completely forgotten just how good it really was. There is not one episode I rewatch and don't completely fall in love with again. And it's just so much fun to see how many of the pop references I actually understand now that I didn't when I was little.

3. The Olympics

As you may know, I'm from Rio. Not only am I from Rio, but I have been, since I can recall, always incredibly drawn to watching every single sport possible of every single Olympics. This means the past couple of weeks has been intense. 

Despite my disagreance with the Olympics happening in Rio (an argument for some other time), watching so many incredible athletes coming together, doing the impossible, overcoming their own difficulties and struggles, is incomparable. Watching it happen right here in this city, was even better.
Now, to the Paralympics!

4. Stranger Things

I'm certain by now you have definitely heard the Netflix 80's nostalgia series that is dominating the world, right? Everyone and their mothers have watched it. And there is good reason for it. It took me only two nights to watch from start to finish, completely immersed and addicted to the show.

The storyline goes into horror and suspense territory, with little Will's disappearance after a game of Dungeons and Dragons with his three best friends. But it also ventures into a story about love, friendship and family. 

The main characters, played by the four most adorable children on earth, are endearing and funny. Winona Ryder as Will's mother is incredible. The soundtrack, as an 80's soundtrack would be, on point. 

Even the fact that it is such a short series, with only 8 episodes in the first season, makes the show perfect, giving the story perfect pace to explore the characters, the mysteries, the horror and still leave us hanging and dying for the next season.

5. This Youtube video

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