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For months now I have been taking mental notes on exciting movies, TV shows and books to come, so why not make a blog post about them, right? 

This Modern Love by Will Darbyshire

As many of you probably know, Will is a british Youtuber whose videos are both emotional and beautiful. Although Youtuber books are something of a pet peeve at this point, Will had a brilliant and touching idea for his. Wanting to make a book about love, he decided to request letters from his followers about love, old love, new love, lost of love, all types of love experiences. With these letters in hand, Will made a selection of his favorites and thus This Modern Love was born. Brilliant, beautiful and touching. I cannot wait to get my hands on a copy.
The book has been out since last month and you can order yourself one here.

A Series of Unfortunate Events on Netflix

Now to this news my teenage self died. The Lemony Snicket book series was, probably, my favorite tied with Harry Potter. I loved the rhythm of the books, the writing style, the language, the tone, everything was incredibly gripping and exciting in this fictional world. So when the Jim Carrey movie came out, I was highly disappointed. Yeah, it's an okay movie, but with the cast they had (I mean, Jim Carrey, Meryl Streep and the kids perfect casting) combined with the story, my expectations were much higher than an "okay movie". So much of the books was lost in translation and the rearranging of the events felt completely wrong. 
This time, however, considering we will have an entire Netflix show to deal with the huge 13 + extra books story, I have a better feeling about it. Not only because there will be more time to explore nuances, but also since Netflix has been regularly making some of the best shows on air lately. Add to that the fact that Neil Patrick Harris is looking pretty perfect as evil/creepy/crazy Count Olaf. Filming has already begun, but no release date has been given by Netflix as of yet.

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them and More Harry Potter Universe Books

To be truly honest, for a hardcore Harry Potter nerd, I was really not that excited about all the new stories coming out. It felt to me like too much was being added while the story had already had a pretty well rounded ending. So when The Cursed Child became a  play, which wasn't even written by Rowling, part of me felt like it was wrong. Don't be mistaken, I am still very much in love with Harry Potter. Last time we went to Universal Studios, I was ecstatic and basically wanted to live in the Harry Potter Universe. But the additions to the story kept feeling misplaced.
However, all my feelings changed when I watched the Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them movie trailer. It was light but exciting, much like the first few Harry Potter movies. The characters and scenarios were completely new. But the magic was the same. And it all felt very much right.
As if that wasn't enough for my Harry Potter loving heart, J.K. Rowling will release three new titles on Hogwarts and some of its stories and anecdotes, which completely fills my nerdy needs with joy.

Beauty and the Beast 

As if all my childhood favorites coming back wasn't enough, Disney decided to make a live action version of one of the best Disney Princess movies of all time. With Emma Watson as the Beauty and Dan Stevens as Beast, the teaser promises a very faithful reproduction of the animated version. And if any of the musical numbers are as good as the originals, there is no reason to not be excited about this one. 

13 Reasons Why on Netflix

Last year I made a book review post on 13 Reasons Why by Jay Asher, which if you haven't already you can read here. Back then I had already mentioned Selena Gomez's production company had bought the rights to produce a movie version of the book years ago and yet nothing had evolved since. At the end of last year, however, Selena finally broke the amazing news that 13 Reasons Why had been sold as a new series for Netflix, which I could not be more excited about. Not only am I grateful because Netflix has proven itself capable of dealing with intense and difficult issues with conscience, truthfulness and care (see OITNB and Jessica Jones, for example) but also because a serialized version of this story really does seem the best way to explore it. Perfect business move, Selena. 
I only wish it would come out this month, as September is National Suicide Prevention Month in the US.

The Paralympics

After the excitement of the Olympics and watching everyone be so involved and happy around Rio during the three week event, I can only hope the same excitement is around for the Paralympic athletes and stars. The Paralympics will start September 7th, 2016. Every game and competition is a little bit different from what goes on the Olympics, as they have to be adapted to the paralympic athletes, which only makes it more of an interesting watch. These real life superheros definitely deserve recognition, cheerfulness and love from the audience and this town. Look out for the channels that will be showing the competitions starting this week! If you are a fellow Brazilian you may catch them on TV Brasil or SporTV.

La La Land

No, I am not talking about the perfect debut single from Demi Lovato's first album. La La Land is the musical romantic dramedy starring Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone (yes, again) coming out very very soon. I fell completely head over heals with this movie by just watching the teaser trailer and knowing that it involved Ryan and Emma. When I read the story was about an actress and a jazz pianist falling in love, it was enough. 
Having already been shown in Film Festivals, the movie has been getting amazing receptions, with high note reviews in almost every department, convincing me that the feeling the trailer had given me initially shall not let me down. I need this movie, I need it now.

Man, this list is getting me all happy and excited, and I didn't even mention everything! What movies, shows and books are you excited for?

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