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12:52 AM

I have no clue why but I thought this would be fun to do. I use a macbook and my most used websites show up on the grid whenever I open a new tab on Safari. I've noticed recently that my most used websites have suffered quite a change over the years and thought it would be fun to keep some sort of track to it. I guess this could become sort of a weird geeky tag if anyone else feels like this is fun and I made up a lame name so.. that's complete. All I need now are people reading and thinking this is a good idea.... lol. 

So here it goes. Currently my top sites are the following, from top to bottom, left to right:

1 - My blog. How self centered of me.
2 - The Blogger page. I know it's a plain google login page and there are 2 of those, but that's what you get when google dominates the world. This one is the blogger page. Promise.
3 - Youtube. Because who needs TV or older sister's when you an infinite amount of entertainment and tutorials at your disposal.
4 - Whatshouldwecallme tumblr. For the lols.
5 - AnythingDiz. I'm a complete and utter Disney girl. I like keeping up with the disney kids and knowing all about the new disney movies and even new amousement parks attractions. Even if I am 20 years old. Judge me.
6 - Baixartv.com. This is where I get to watch all the TV goodies that don't show up on my TV (or if they do, it's usually months in delay and who can wait for anything today when we have Tumblr and  spoilers and, most commonly, both at the same time) because I live in country that only loves soap operas and annoying TV show hosts.
7 - Comoeumesintoquando tumblr. A Whatshouldwecallme brazillian rip off. For the national lols.
8 - My own tumblr. Seriously. How self centered can a person be?
9 - Gmail. Because communication.
10 - The New York Times. This is my home page. I like to pretend I read the news. It makes me feel better and worse at the same time.
11 - O Globo. This is one of the biggest national news corporation, I guess. I generally like to use it for the lols too whenever I get bored with 4 and 7 fail. The prejudice, the bad writing, the late news giving, the conceitedness and the tardiness on the beauty posts guarantee all the lols. Or just make me angry. Or both.
12 - Zoella's blog. I've been reading this a lot lately, I have years of reading to do since I only discovered her last year..

Well, that's it. I don't know if that was at all enjoyable. But I'd like to see other people do this, it's interesting, insightful into someone's personality and day-to-day life and would be nice to discover new websites to visit too! (:

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