Cellphones and Life Changes

11:27 PM

You know all those multiple times when we stare at our phones every 5 minutes waiting for something, anything even though we know absolutely nothing will happen? Why the hell do we do that? Or when we carry them around as if it were another organ, only it's outside our body instead of hidden inside? Why do we act as if that person is going to call and stare at our phones and check our whatsapps every damn second? Why do we delude ourselves? Why do we act as if it's so ridiculously important and as if we were expecting the most life changing call or text or whatever it is? We know it's not going to happen and we just lie to ourselves. 

Exactly this second I have my phone laying neatly near my laptop, screen up, although it's 11 p.m. on a Sunday and I'm dead sure no one is going to talk to me at this time and day. I have checked it twice while writing this post which I have only spent about 15 minutes writing up to now. Why do we do this? Do we actually think we're that important? Or that something life-changing will come from our cellphones? Do we believe truly that it is so necessary that we carry it around everywhere? Or are these all just signs that psychiatrist are right and we have grown up to the worst attention spans and the worst abilities to be on our own?

Or maybe I'm the only crazy cell-phone neurotic? Nah. Impossible.

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