Please respect my me time.

11:56 PM

I am an introvert. And like most introverts, I am forced to spend most of my time in extrovert world. College means interacting with friends (and non-friends) and teachers every second of the day. Internship means interacting with colleagues and bosses and having to be nice to all of them because they'll just hate you and screw you over if you aren't (I'm just here to be realistic, ok?). If you don't interact in these environments, you are generally considered a very rude person, shy (with that horrible connotation people give this characteristic, for whatever reason) or snobby. People have a hard time accepting introverts as friends or thinking of introverts as good workers (thanks to the concept that group work is the best thing in the world).
This all means that I only get time to recharge, as introverts need to do, around 9 p.m. when I get home from my internship. And that moment is absolutely sacred to me. But many people don't seem to get it. My parents are the first to intrude my me-time, as I like to think of it. They call me up, ask me 5 million things and then they continue to want to talk about whatever even though I clearly don't feel like chatting. Remember. These are my parents. They know I need me-time. They know I'm an introvert. And yet they get very offended that I don't really want to facetime them at 10 p.m. while I could be resting and taking a look at my social media favorites, writing or reading.
Then there are my friends. Extrofuckingverts. Always wanting to drag me to whatever social event that's going on with their lives. I think I denied to go to so many parties that, now, they just gave up and understood that those situations don't give me any joy. Please, just invite me for a cup of coffee on the weekend. I love you, but I'd much rather just enjoy a nice conversation and doing silly things at each other's house.
Sunday is my sacred day. For all the years I had a boyfriend, sunday was the day we never saw each other. And sunday is generally a day I'm not with my parents or friends. So it's on sunday that I do all the recharging. I think. I organize. I read. I write. I cry. I dance. I laugh. I do everything necessary to make me happy and relaxed. Could I do all these things with a friend? Yes. But I really love enjoying my own company. And, also, there aren't that many friends in my life, specially those that live close to me, whom I'm comfortable enough to just be and whom I'm comfortable enough that I feel like I'm alone enough to recharge from all the extrovert moments of my life. And the extrovert moments make me really tired.
And honestly, there's nothing wrong with that. There's nothing wrong with needing me time. In fact, I find it so healthy. Not just for introverts. We are so surrounded by people and noise and social media, we should take some time to just chill and enjoy ourselves. It might teach you a couple things about your own self.
I'd just want for people to realise the importance of me time more often.

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