Top 5 people of 2013

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Shut up, I know for some reason my blog is posting things with a day in delay. Shut up, I know I missed a day if you count the way it's posting but I swear I missed nothing. I've been posting religiously on time. I committed and I'm doing it perfectly well! Shut up...

5. Kid President

Simply because of this video, which is my favorite youtube video of all time:

4. Natalie Dormer

She had my heart as Anne Boleyn. Seriously, I dare you to watch her as Anne and not fall in love with her and her acting skills. She made The Tudors what it was and after the unavoidable death of Anne, it was never the same without her. But I watched The Tudors about 2 or 3 years ago. I already knew she was awesome. So why is she on my top 5 people for 2013? Well, I got into Game of Thrones. 

Ok, I didn't really get into GoT. Truth is I missed The Tudors and started losing myself in the vortex that is youtube watching a million different interviews and specials related to the show. Which led me to finding out that Natalie was now working on GoT. That was the first moment I got tempted to waste my life with GoT. Then I researched a bit more about her character (trying to avoid spoilers as if my life depended on it) and talked to a couple of friends that watched it. By then I was sold. You see, I'm that in love with her that I think she's worth all the emotional roller coaster you get into with GoT. And she's not even a main character.

With losing myself into the youtube vortex of interviews and specials and now adding GoT related ones to the mix, I soon realized Natalie is, at the same time, a great actress, gorgeous, sexy (seriously, there's just something about her), intelligent and funny. Watch her interview with Craig Ferguson, she's lovely. Anyway. I'm gonna stop now..

3. Zoella

No, my love for Zoe won't stop, can't stop... I've mentioned her as a youtuber before, but truth is she started out as a blogger and now she has one of the most followed blogs around, though she hasn't been updating it as much anymore. I like Zoe 'cause I feel like I could be her friend. I like her because she's super girly and loves beauty things but, at the same time, doesn't seem to have much of a hard time laughing at herself (which I figured from watching her collabs and vlogs). She really seems genuinely sweet and caring. Struggling with anxiety herself, she made a post and a video about it trying to help everyone who suffered with it as well. Along with that, recently Zoe and the most adorable Louise have started making what they called "Chummy Chatter" videos in which they discuss difficult topics, also trying to help out their viewers. I find it incredibly lovely when people realize that they can use what they have to help others, even if it seems simple. And although none of the issues they have discussed directly affect me, I have found much comfort in just taking my mind off things while watching Zoe do hauls, challenges and vlogs. She's so cheerful and bubbly that it ends up rubbing off on us in the end. For that I thank her loads.

2. Grace Helbig.

Shut up. I know I've also mentioned her before. Shut up. I know everyone knows her. Shut upppp. 

Grace is grace. I can not tell you how much I want to meet this lady. I want to thank her for making me laugh out loud on lonely sunday nights. I want to thank her for not being afraid of being so goddamn stupid in the name of comedy. I really do. I do.

Grace is now 28 and, though you can see that she is so much more mature now than on her older videos, it's great to also notice the fact that she never left the silliness that makes her so damn great. I don't know what's up with all these Youtube ladies, but I truly believe they are all incredibly good people who I'd love to be friends with. You know, you just want to have a drunken party with Grace and laugh of all the ridiculous things you can do. You just do.

Recently, I've learned that Daily Grace will no longer continue to exist. I am mourning this with a heavy heart. So, 2014 will be exciting to see where Grace will go. She does have the release of the movie she filmed this year with Mamrie and Hannah Hart, Camp Takota. And she is way beyond just being Daily Grace by now. Which probably means, she'll be fine. As long as she keeps the silliness and stupid. She'll be fine. Follow her at her new channel to see her continue to make internet history at It'sGrace!

1. Demi Lovato

This is an unexpected turn of events for me. When she first came out with her Camp Rock acting and smiling, I really disliked her. She annoyed me in many ways and I only actually started accepting her better when I realized how adorable her friendship with Selena Gomez was (I'm a huge Selena fan since way back in the day). But one thing's true: I always loved her music. Here We Go Again is still to this day an album I praise, love and listen to on repeat. 

But this year, Demi turned everything around. She really does seem to be recovering well this time, she seems to be more open about her mental health issues and her addiction (and not simply for publicity), she got rid of all the people that were bad influences to her and she put out a great pop album. She has grown up tremendously and has been giving the most honest and graceful interviews, being careful to never through anyone under the bus and being very polite as well as being herself, something I don't think we used to get as much when she was busy covering up her issues. I've been finding her so lovely, so adorable and so strong. It was a shock and also great news to know she lived months of her recovery in a sober house. And she wasn't divulging it! She was simply doing it because that's what she had to do for herself.

I can today say that I'm proud of her. I've seen her grow up from her Camp Rock days to her X-Factor days. She has come to be a lovely, strong, truly inspirational person. I love how she has been admitting that she will have difficult days, she has relapsed, she is still not able to do certain things, but that she is still trying as best she can. And that's really what we all can do, right? 

Demi, keep it up, girl, you're doing wonderfully.

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