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Since I've been having quite a crappy end of the year and today marks the last 5 days of that, I decided to focus on the better, happier, more enjoyable parts of 2014. What that means issss... I intend of doing one top 5 list every day until the end of the year regarding a bunch of different random topics that made my year a pretty damn good one. Because time is better spent thinking about and celebrating the good memories than moping about the ones that aren't going to happen anymore. Right? Yeah.

So this year I have started following a bunch of different youtubers. I already used to watch the big guys, you know, Jenna Marbles and such.. but I started to explore the youtube community better and found some entertaining and lovely people. I succumbed to youtube, like I succumbed to TV when I was 10. I even subscribed to a lot of them!

5. Charlieissocoollike

Many of you may know him from his Challenge Charlie videos or maybe as the dude who does pretty awesome duets with himself or as the best friend and roommate of Alex Day (a.k.a. the guy who read the Twilight books online). I'm gonna be honest here and say I have no recollection as to how I met Charlie. It probably was one of those internet blackholes you get sucked into that starts out as watching cooking videos and end up with learning how to wash your dog.

Anyway, Charlie got me with his adorableness, nerdiness, british accent and lovely simple science videos. However, recently he's been slacking. Okay, that might be mean. He has been trying to make actual short films (he has put two of them online and they're pretty neat, I mean, it's a youtuber doing actual movie quality work - I clearly forgot how to phrase things haven't I?) and he is one of those youtubers that care a lot about putting his best work out for the viewers. But at the same time, I feel as if he lost a bit of his... thing. I don't know, maybe it's because I feel like youtube is not meant for perfect videos or because he's now a grown up, but his videos don't feel the same.

Still he has been one of my consistent favorites and I have always gotten excited to see what he will bring with his new videos so.. For that he's on this list. For consistently entertaining me and keeping me excited.

4. Letsmakeitup1 (now KayleyMelissa)

Kayley is a beauty guru. Better yet, she's a hair guru. This year I have learned a million hairstyles and it's all thanks to this lovely lady. I love her videos basically because she's super sweet, her videos involve a lot of braiding (which is my favorite), and she gives actual technical and scientific based advice since she went to Cosmetology School. I love love love her hair styles and she makes them pretty manageable for beginners, like me! Plus, her hair is quite similar to mine which gives me a good idea as to how it will look like in the end.

3. Sprinkleofglitter

Louise is also a beauty guru. She is also a mom, a wife, possibly the world's greatest best friend to Zoe, an Adele look alike and a funny adorable woman. I have to say that her style doesn't really match mine at all, but the girl has such an amazing spirit that she made me fall in love with her. Louise basically is everything you need to feel better and also everything you need to realize the world is full of crazy, adorable, funny people. Her videos go from mommy-esque themed to beauty hauls to random babbling to funny collaborations and I love every minute of it. She also has a daughter called Darcy who is frequently in her videos and is equally adorable. 

2. Zoella

I found Zoe through one of her Primark hauls, since I kind of love Primark. Basically, Zoe is supposed to be a beauty guru but she ends up doing so many different types of videos that it gets all really entertaining and not all boring or forced like many beauty gurus can get. Her videos are very nicely edited and somehow the girl does everything well. I got to a point where I got so obsessed that I watched every single one of her youtube videos, from oldest to newest, which was quite interesting since you can definitely see her growing and maturing and becoming who she is (the quality of the videos evolve a lot as well, I might note). She is adorable, nice, tiny (I like that cause I'm tiny and I like getting new ideas of how to style things when they're all generally too big for me) and has great taste. Or at least I think so. Her videos are lighthearted and cute, I don't even know how many hours I spent watching them (many of those hours were right when I should be studying too). Another awesome thing about Zoe is she is pretty open about her own problems (as open as anyone will be on the internet, really) and you get the feeling she's a real freaking person and her life isn't all perfect and that only makes you love her more and more. 

I also should say she hangs out with a bunch of other great youtubers (like adorable Louise mentioned above) who have awesome channels and they all collaborate all the time and their videos together tend to be hilarious. They seriously have gotten me to laugh when I only wanted to cry about a million times. 

1. DailyGrace

DAILYGRACE IS GONNA TEACH YOU - HOW TO - DO SOMETHING - DING! Seriously, favorite youtuber ever in the history of ever, I would freak out as if I were meeting Ryan Gosling if I ever saw Grace in real life. The girl is hysterical in that awkward cute way you and your best friend are when you're together. She posts videos monday through friday, every day is a new theme (Miscellaneous Monday, Comment Tuesdays, Review Wednesdays, How To Thursdays and Sexy Friday) and every day is Is-Grace-totally-drunk game day! I swear to you, Grace will make you laugh, she does not fail. And she does while looking pretty, while drunk, while uninspired, while cooking, while sexy, while giving you a lecture, while talking about pop culture and while looking like she just got out of bed. She's like youtube comedy super woman. 

Grace, by the way, just like Louise and Zoe, is a part of a really awesome group of friends. Her bestest friends consist of Mamrie Hart and Hannah Hart (respectively You Deserve a Drink and My Drunk Kitchen), also big comedic geniuses, and no one in the world should miss out on the hilarity of this trio together.

In all seriousness though, I used DailyGrace videos as motivation to study (read 5 pages, watch a video), relaxing time and let's-not-cry-about-your-ex-boyfriend-time. I owe Grace a bunch of laughs and a big hug. She's funny and she makes you feel like it's okay to be nuts every once in a while. She also doesn't have any more fucks to give, which only makes it all more fun.

Update: On the last week of December I learned that DailyGrace will no longer exist (not with new content at least) and Grace's contract with MyDamnChannel ended (MDC is what gave her the opportunity 5 years ago to start the DailyGrace channel). She will be continuing her awesomeness internet history making ways through another youtube channel and everyone should subscribe! It'sGrace is it!!

Yay! This was fun and took a lot longer than I expected! (Mostly because I rewatched a bunch of videos and got lost in the blackhole of youtube videos...)

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